Privacy Policy

What Information We collect

As little as possible.  We don't need to know who you are, and we don't want to make money off of your visit.  We don't want the responsibility that comes along with storing your personal information.

We don't normally log anything at all.  In extreme circumstances, such as if this site comes under a Denial of Service Attack, we may briefly log incoming IP addresses to help identify the source and nature of the attack, but we will delete this information the moment it's no longer needed.  We don't have any interest at all in sorting through and identifying everyone who visited here, only those being malicious.

Email address

If, and only if, you choose to do so, you may click on the email us link at the bottom of the page.  This does not log anything from you at the time, it only opens the default email program on your system with our email address pre-populated in the 'To' field.

If you do email us, we will have record that you emailed us, including the email address used to contact us and the content of your communication with us.

We will never spam you, nor will we contact you for promotional purposes, or any purposes other than to respond to your inquiry or comment.  We do not share your email address with any 3rd-Party.

You may unsubscribe from further communications from us at any time by replying to our message with the word "unsubscribe" in the Subject or Body of your email.  Your request will be honored within 10 business days, and your email address will be deleted from our records along with your prior communications with us.

No tracking, ever.

We do not use tracking cookies, invisible canvases encoded with identifying information, or any other tracking techniques to log your visit, where you came from, what you looked at while you were here, or where you went afterwards.

There is only one piece of information that is stored in your browser by, and that is a binary flag (True/False value) indicating whether or not you have enabled 'dark mode' by using the toggle on the site.  It is used only by your browser to determine how to display the website.

It cannot be used to identify you, and the information is never transmitted back to our servers or anywhere else.  

If desired, you may delete it by clearing cookies as normal.

Information Shared with 3rd-Parties

We don't share anything with 3rd-Parties.  We don't care about making any money off of your visit here, and we don't use any 3rd-Parties for analytics. includes links to visit external websites as references and sources of information.  If you choose to click on these links to visit those 3rd-Party websites, those sites may track you, add cookies to your browser, or otherwise log information about you. is in no way affiliated with these 3rd-Parties, and you should review their privacy policies closely to learn more about what they collect and why, and how they use personal information. is not liable for anything that these outside 3rd-Parties may do.

You may notice that is pretty simple...  Here's why:

  • I don't embed references to Google Fonts or any other 3rd party assets, because these are fetched automatically on page view, and may give away your IP address to that content provider.  I don't like that.  I purged all of that stuff from the code templates I used for  I don't even host custom fonts locally, because I don't feel that I need them.
  • I don't embed linked images or video, for the same reason.  If I want to use an image, I will add it as an asset on my own server and serve it directly.  If there are any videos I want to direct you to, I will provide the link only, so you can choose whether or not to view them using your preferred method.

You may also notice the conspicuous absence of social media sharing links.  I searched through the code templates used in the creation of this site, and purged any such functionality.  I don't want Facebook, Twitter, or anyone else knowing that you came here.  It's none of their business.  If you want to share this with others (and I hope you do!), please copy the URL from your browser and share using your preferred method, or you can share the RSS link.